Living On A Lake And Swinging In a Hammock

Imagine you’re in a hammock. Everyone loves a hammock. A cool breeze... the slow sway... it’s very relaxing. But where? Some mountain lake lodge retreat for millionaires? Nope. Your own backyard.

🕙 - Feb. 24, 2021    👤 Lake Life Home Sales

Living On A Lake in Massachusetts

You know how when you're tense and you want to relax and it's not that easy? You must then determine what it is that is making you so tense and do something about it, right? You must....

🕙 - Jan. 17, 2021    👤 Lake Life Home Sales

Massachusetts Lake House For The New Year

With the new year upon us many folks often take stock of their lives… their life plan… their retirement and things like that. And ultimately it’s a time for truth....

🕙 - Dec 31, 2020    👤 Lake Life Home Sales


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