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Living On A Lake in Massachusetts And Relaxing

Living On A Lake And Swinging In a Hammock

Imagine you’re in a hammock. Everyone loves a hammock. A cool breeze... the slow sway... it’s very relaxing. Who doesn’t love a hammock? Anyway ... imagine you’re in a hammock, lake wafting in the background... nice drink in your hand... the scent of something on the fire grilling away... see where I’m going with this? Anyway... there you are. But where? Some mountain lake lodge retreat for millionaires? Nope. Your own backyard.

With a little clever thinking you can live like a millionaire who lives to enjoy life every minute of every day of ever week of every year. See where I’m goin’ with this? Most folks just give up on their dream because it means actually DOING something about it! And if you don't know what that "something" is, then you'll have a helluva time chasing that dream. But hey, when that "something" is as easy as giving me a call and asking anything you'd like about living on a lake in Massachusetts—and swinging on a hammock in the back yard, then I'm all ears.

The point is you can hope one day you’ll hit the jackpot and be able to do something special like live on a lake and sit in a hammock—with a nice drink—and not have to take a plane to get there once a year. The kind of thought that maybe drives your day, week, month at work while you give your all—well, almost all because you save that little bit for yourself—for that hammock thing. That all translates to a big NO, or a medium-sized maybe at best. All talk-think and no action. Life is ticking away. Do something for yourself before it's too late. You CAN have it all. And if that involves a little lakefront real estate in Massachusetts, then let's talk!

Let that hammock be your guide. Keep that full thought in your head with all the detail. Focus on that and think living on a lake in Massachusetts. If it is indeed that powerful a desire, your actions will all automatically lead in that direction to bring about that reality. That would be living on Lake Quinsigamond by the way. And what the heck, while you're here, take a second to browse the gallery of lake house pics here.

In the meantime, call me about the house on the lake with the hammock and I’ll answer any questions you have. I’m the owner not a realtor, so no high pressure and no pushy realtor sales tactics. I do love talking about my home though! Call anytime: (508) 769-3866.

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