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Lake House Living — Time For A Change

Is It Time To Make A Change?

How do you know when it’s time for a change? What’s the first signal? Is it boredom with the status quo? Is it a 7-year itch thing? Or maybe it’s a "life thing" as in "life finds a way".

Like, your life isn’t much of a life, and in order for a correction, something has to give. If life itself is stifled, it lashes out and wants to express itself. But how does one know? How does one tap into feeling these things? Ahhhhh... it comes from within. A voice. A voice that’s been there all along, but maybe you just haven’t been listening to it. Sit still and listen. It will guide you to your future. It knows. The voice knows your inner needs. Like, oh, a lake home. Living on a lake. Time for a change to Lake House Living. That's it!! A home that is as simple and quaint as can be, but on a lake.

Wait a minute... how did we get here? Well, this IS a blog about a lake house lifestyle, so it’s all a tie-in. But a pretty darn truthful one.

You see, living in a home in Massachusetts on a lake may or may not be the thing that sets your life on track. It may not be the dream your inner voice will agree with. But, it sure can’t hurt!

It will—without a doubt—add an element of change to your life. And really, what is the down side? Huh? None. It’s all upside.

Seriously, think about it for a moment: cool little lake home in a quaint little New England town off the beaten path, boasting of amenities like state park, tons of water activities, the vibe of a hidden town that time forgot. See, just reading about it—thinking about it and placing yourself IN that daydream. It works, doesn’t it? You bet!

OK. Next step: QUIT DREAMING AND ACT! Sometimes you just need someone to say the obvious... to say what you’re already thinking. Change happens no matter what you do, so why not this time YOU be the engine of change and drive it where YOU want it to go.

See how easy that was? How you CAN get what you want? Call me, Marguerite. I’m the owner—not a realtor so no pressure! I love talking about my home! Call anytime: (508) 769-3866.

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