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Living The Lake House Dream

Stop Dreaming... and Start LIVING!

Lake. Life. Living.

Three magical words. You can say them to yourself all day/week/year long, and still, the reality of those three words can only be TRULY appreciated upon actually taking ownership of a home on a lake.

Go ahead. Dream about it all you want, because the moment that dream comes true, it will be a zillion times cooler than just dreaming about it.

When it’s a reality, the whole game changes. But in the meantime... dream away!

Dream about waking up and hearing the water sloshing in the lake... dream about gazing out at the lake with that first cup of coffee in the morning... dream about driving home from shopping, and home is on a lake!

You can wait to do it until you’re actually LIVING in the lake home—and I’m referring to kicking yourself for not doing this sooner, but HEY... you gotta move in first for this one!

And to make the dream a little sweeter, I’m the owner of this particular lake house, so all you have to do to start making that dream a reality is call me. As the owner and not a realtor, you can feel free to call and ask me anything about this cozy lake house. I love to talk about it!

After the pandemic shake-up, it seems a lot of people have re-evaluated their living situation and have decided to move. They’ve “seen their life from both sides” and saw it was time for a change. If you’re one of those people, then you MUST consider a home on a lake because, well, no one else will do it for you. And it would be a darn shame if you missed the boat on this opportunity. While prices are reasonable and within reach now, all those people whose lives were shaken up by the pandemic are not waiting around! Take this fact that for example: housing prices in Austin, TX went up $100,000 in a year! What?? Yes. Now this lake house is a good distance from Texas, but the economy that caused such a price hike is not limited to Austin!

While lake home prices in the central Massachusetts area are pretty stable, people from the "burning states"—California, Arizona, New Mexico, etc., can change that in no time if it is decided that a lake house is THE type of house to own.

So dream no more. Live that dream instead. Call me now to beat the lake house home buying frenzy:

Dream no more! Call me, Marguerite. I’m the owner—not a realtor so no pressure! I love talking about my lake house! Call anytime: (508) 769-3866.

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