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Living On A Lake in Massachusetts

Living On A Lake Makes You Relax

You know how when you're tense and you want to relax and it's not that easy? You must then determine what it is that is making you so tense and do something about it, right? You must remove the "thing" that is causing the stress. The pebble in the shoe, for example. Then there's the other side of the seesaw. That is to say, if you are tense then you might need to ADD something to relax as opposed to removing something from your world. Ok. Now we're really getting somewhere…

What if that "something' was such that it really, REALLY had a calming, anti-stress quality to it that was so strong that is literally cancelled out EVERYTHING ELSE that was a cause for stress in your life… completely obliterates, nullifies, deactivates and renders harmless, fully ALL that causes you stress.

Wow. Amazing. Is there such a thing you ask? Yes, there is. Four words:

Living on a lake.

There. I said it. But until you actually stop for a moment and truly think about those four words, they're just four words. So now, stop reading and take a moment to really consider these words. Ten to one says the words alone are already busting stress…. Take a few more seconds to think. We'll wait…

There. Now don't you feel a little bit better? Of course you do! And we didn't even get to the local amenities, or the what, where, when of it all, and exactly how living on a lake can absolutely and completely alter the way you look at—and feel about—pretty much everything.

In addition to busting stress, living on a lake will help mellow all of your, shall we say, rough edges—you know… those things you wish you didn't have to know and feel—but that's a whole ‘nother post.

For today focus on the therapeutic value of simply living on a lake. Go ahead. Say it to yourself a few more times to let it really sink in, and try to imagine it is a true, casually factual statement. There... now you're getting the hang of it. A lake home in Massachusetts on lake Quinsigamond. Right here are the listing details and a Google map. And just knowing these are available are convenient so when you're ready to really get down to business, you can dive in... literally AND figuratively DIVE IN from your swimming platform!

Oh, and do call with any questions. No pressure, no harm no foul! Call anytime. I'm the owner so no pushy sales tactics: (508) 769-3866.

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