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Working To Live In A Lake Home

Lake Home Living is a Solid Goal!

Statistics say that only 20% of working people really love their jobs and are passionate about their work. The rest of us work because we have to. That and we have goals. You know, a carrot on a stick... or a dream we’re chasing... or paying back student loans! We take a job that we hope we’ll enjoy, but... however, in the big picture, we’re all sort of aiming for that American dream.

The American dream which we all know hinges on home ownership. But it goes much deeper than that. It’s not just "a house", but a home where you can finally unravel. It's about making sure that job that was just OK yields a real payoff. How about this: a home on a lake!

A home on a lake would make every minute of that hum-drum job worth it. First, you’ll never look back, but if you do, it’ll certainly be with a smile, because: living in a home on a lake makes it all worth it. Just hearing those words makes it all better. Then saying them to friends and family. It’s right then that you snap out of your daydream as your boss asks for that report, and ... oh yeah, the job... the reality.

But you can "dip your toe" into the idea of living in a lake home with a simple phone call. First, I’m the lake house owner and not a realtor, so I won’t be putting you on a list or pitching homes to you. I will tell you all about my lake house for sale with no pressure. Ask me anything at all about lake home living—or anything at all about the house. Call me anytime. I love to talk about my home on a lake. The way I see it, anything that can turn years in a so-so job into a happy ending because it brought you into living on a lake, is ultimately a good thing.

So hang onto your job and keep dreaming of a better future for yourself and your family, and do call to take a "baby step" toward living in a lake house and enjoying all that goes with it.

So daydream all you want, but do call to talk about anything to do with living on a lake in Massachusetts. Call me now to start making that daydream come to life:

I'm Marguerite. I’m the owner—not a realtor so no pressure! I love talking about living in a lake house! Call anytime: (508) 769-3866.

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