Working To Live In A Lake Home – Lake Home Living is a Solid Goal!

Statistics say that only 20% of working people really love their jobs and are passionate about their work. The rest of us work because we have to. That and we have goals. You know, a carrot on a stick... or a dream we’re chasing...

🕙 - August 31, 2021    👤 Lake Life Home Sales

Living The Lake House Dream – Stop Dreaming... and Start LIVING!

Lake. Life. Living. Three magical words. You can say them to yourself all day/week/year long, and still, the reality of those three words can only be TRULY appreciated upon actually taking ownership of a home on a lake....

🕙 - June 24, 2021    👤 Lake Life Home Sales

Lake House Living — Time For A Change?

How do you know when it’s time for a change? What’s the first signal? Is it boredom with the status quo? Is it a 7-year itch thing? Or maybe it’s a "life thing" as in "life finds a way"...

🕙 - March 22, 2021    👤 Lake Life Home Sales


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