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As a child, things like Halloween, Christmas and Easter would bring visions of excitement and anticipation into your imagination. As an adult, the new excitable notion could well be Lake Property For Sale in Worcester County MA. And with an acquisition like a lake home property, your kids can add that to their excitement factor because lake home living brings with it endless water-sport activities, total cool lakefront living and enough activities to keep the family excited year round. But more than just excitement, the lake town in which this quaint lake home is located, Shrewsbury, MA, has great schools, tons of fun activities, and enough charm to last a hundred years. And… you’re living on a lake!

From the moment you rise and gaze out at the lake, you’ll just feel the cool lake breeze, enjoy a leisurely walk along the banks, or take a morning dip, or a walk into town. The simple truth is that once you allow the dream to unfold, and you find your self enjoying lake property living as you’ve envisioned, you’ll never look back. And because you’re only a short fifty miles outside of Boston, you’ve escaped the rat race, but can always jump back in as needed. It truly is the perfect plan to strive for the perfect life. It really doen’t get any better. Lake Property For Sale in Worcester County MA to the rescue!

Now back down to earth. All the dreaming and visions in the world are pretty much useless unless you act on them. And that is where I come in. As the current owner of this property, I will do whatever I can to help you realize the vision and bring it to life. Lake Property For Sale in Worcester County MA has been very good to me and I would like nothing more than to pass it along to a wonderful, deserving family to bring to them to kind of peace, joy and relaxation as I’ve had. This quaint lake home is located at 132 S. Quinsigamond Ave., Shrewsbury, MA 01545 and right on the lake as you can see from this map link. Give me, Marguerite, a call today:508-769-3866, or EMail me: lakelife4u@gmail.com. I’m ready to help bring your lake property dream life vision into focus.

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