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Whenever you see pictures of great places to live, they’re most always near water. Either ocean, river or lake. But which of these three water bodies are best to live near? Well; it’s the lake hands down! Ocean: too salty; too treacherous; too large. Rivers: currents too unpredictable; probably polluted from commercial use (sad to say); Lakes: perfect.

A lake is fresh water. No currents. No tides. No pollution. Unaffected by “climate crisis” rising waters and raging storms too! And it’s most likely private. Now, plop a quaint little home on a lake and you have, well. perfection! And if that lake happens to be Lake Quinsigamond, the largest lake in the state of Massachusetts, well… it’s a dream come true!!

So lake life is the best way to go. And if you’re looking at Lake Quinsigamond Homes For Sale, then you probably already know that! And while there are likely a few homes for sale on Lake Quinsigamond at any given time, if you are in the market for such a home, we urge you to take a look at this property at 132 S. Quinsigamond Ave, Shrewsbury, MA.

It’s not the largest, or the most fancy house on the lake, but it has charm. Lots of charm. And it’s for sale by owner, and if you know anything about real estate, you know that not having a realtor in the loop on a home purchase means you can save many thousands of dollars on realtor commission. Just another “plus” to this Lake Quinsigamond home for sale.

Do you need more convincing to pick up that phone? OK: how about this: I’m the owner and I am a “no-pressure” person. I’m more than happy to talk to anyone about my Lake Quinsigamond home For sale with no obligations or expectations whatsoever. You know why? Because this place sells itself!

Go ahead. Email me at lakelife4u@gmail.com or call: (508) 769-3866. I’m a people person. I love talking about my home and I love people. So make an appointment to see one of the most available Lake Quinsigamond homes for sale—no obligation and no pressure. Before someone else grabs it!

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