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With more and more shopping centers and malls and “planned communities” springing up everywhere, the days of the corner store are all but a memory. That is, unless the idea of a town full of Massachusetts Lake Houses can somehow stop time. You know… stop the clock on progress. Not tear down and replace with, let’s face it, a soul-less, personality-lacking type of shopping center that just leaves you flat. Nope, When you think of a lake house, you can pretty much be certain that if it’s in Massachusetts, that it’s the real thing. No fakery here! Even down to the ice cream shop. No chains here! Nope. Just real Americana.

If you want to forget about all that has become cookie-cutter in our world, you just step back into the “mid-century” of it all and get back to things that make for memories or “memes” as they are called now! The very idea of a small town and a corner store, is itself a meme! A throwback in time to when living in one of many Massachusetts Lake Houses brought with it the simple, cherished lifestyle of times gone by. Kids riding their bikes in the neighborhood — without helmets! Local streets filled with people… actually walking! That’s right! And people knew each other’s names.

But we’re getting away from ourselves here walking a little too far down memory lane. You found this page because you are probably curious about Massachusetts Lake Houses. Well sit up and take note: you are on the website of just one of these such homes for sales, and it is a beauty. Filled with all of the “throwback” memories you can only hark back to you. And guess what? I’m NOT a realtor, but the owner! So if you are even the slighest bit curious, I URGE YOU make a call and talk about this home. No pressure. Just call and ask and I will answer away, I love to talk about my home! (508) 769-3866. And if you are even the slightest bit wondering about the lifestyle here, the people, the taxes, the activities, WHATEVER… Give me a call and I will give you the lowdown. Even if that means to put your ideas and notion to rest that this type of lifestyle is NOT for you. Better off to know before you get too into the idea of it, right?

As unlikely as learning more and not taking to it is: quite improbable! And that’s ok. After all, things like our Photo Gallery, and actual Google map location and quaint videos, and our Community Links page featuring among other things, voted the 15th best place to live by Money magazine don’t sway you, then it’s really not for you after all.

So turn off your computer and make the call! I’m ready to answer all of the questions you might have about Massachusetts Lake Houses and how it could just be the capper to your life in terms of a summer home or a retirement bonus. Call me, Marguerite, any time: (508) 769-3866, or email me if that works for you: lakelife4u@gmail.com

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