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You’re smart about your future. You’ve given it a lot of thought. You are careful with your money, but now it’s time to splurge a little. Nothing impractical, but something big. Something that will give you pleasure now, but will also appreciate over time. Nothing silly like a vacation where you spend all this money and all you have are a few memories. No, you are going to be smart about spending hard earned money on something for yourself. You are seriously considering acting on all those Massachusetts Waterfront Home for Sale ads you see all over the place. You’ve been thinking about it and the idea just gets better and better. And guess what? You’re one phone call away from taking this great investment idea—that doubles as an exciting, year-round vacation spot—to the next level. I’ve been waiting for you…

I’m Marguerite Cormier, the current owner of this amazing property. I’m probably one of the people who placed any one of the many Massachusetts Waterfront Home for Sale ads you’ve seen! I’m ready to take you to the next level on the smart move you are considering. I’ll do whatever I can to help make it happen. No pressure, just 100% service. First, let me tell you a little bit about this attractive property.

Yes, you’re living on a lake. That alone is a very special thing, but more importantly, you are living in the quaint, picturesque town of Shrewsbury Massachusetts. With classic “small town” appeal all the way down to the ice cream shop! And the people living here are about as friendly as people get. And did I mention water sports? First of all, you have your own private dock. It’s suitable for swimming, boating, fishing, kayaking, water skiing and just about any other sport you can think of that involves water. Then of course there’s the lake sunsets. It’s all here. Browse this photographic “look into the past” link: Lake Quinsigamond Watershed Association – Photo History page.

Perhaps you’ll surprise the family? Give me a call and we can schedule a trip to have a look at the property and don’t tell the family until the last minute. Imagine their excitement as you drive up to the house! This classic home on Lake Quinsigamond is about an hour outside of Boston, so it’s not too close—but not too far from the “rest of the world”. Just think: your own year-round personal vacation spot. And… it’s the “smart move” because this will only appreciate in value. You could enjoy it for a few years, than sell it for a profit, or, you could live in it as is, then plan the custom dream home on this most excellent piece of lakefront property at some point in the future. It’s all up to you. Either way, it’s a smart decision. Whichever end of the deal you’re on—buyer or future seller, with a Massachusetts Waterfront Home for Sale, you are making smart moves.

Lake Quinsigamond lake home living can be in your future. Come and let me show you the charm of this property. Talk to me, Marguerite and I will help your smart move come true in any way I can with this unique property. Call now: 508-769-3866.

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