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LOOK AT THIS. Pretty simple really, If you arrived at this page, it’s no accident and we want to you to TAKE A GOOD LOOK at the Quinsigamond Lake Homes gem this website has to offer. Just this one home. Not a zillion homes or links that you will regret clicking on… Nope. Just this one remarkable home… on the lake. You were likely searching for something like Quinsigamond Lake Homes or some related phrase. Now, we’re not tracking you—to be sure—but you’re here so you MUST be interested in lake home living. To be more specific, Lake Home Living on Lake Quinsigamond.

We want you to take a look at this lake home for a few reasons: 1) This site really offers you a short cut to lake home ownership… or at least taking a closer look such an option. I say “short cut” because when you contact me, you are speaking with the owner—not a pesky real estate agent! and 2) There are lake homes for sale and then there are lake homes for sale… know what I mean? This lake home for sale is worth looking at for numerous reasons as outlined on this blog page, and 3) It all boils down to really just two words: Idyllic Lifestyle It’s as simple as that. You’ve seen those movies where the family all gets together on the lake… THAT CAN BE YOU!! You can be sure whoever might be skipping the regular family gatherings now for whatever lame reason, will be front and center when the address is Lake Home, Shrewsbury Mass or just Quinsigamond Lake Homes! Now, you may not want that particular relative to know about the house… but that’s a personal issue you’ll have to work out on your own(!).

And did someone say amenities? This location has it all: the “small town appeal” that is rapidly disappearing in America today. So it’s got that Americana thing going for it. And sports? Did anyone say water sports?? Oh baby! Quinsigamond Lake Homes has it all. Lake front living offers all of the water sports you can imagine. This page really tells the story of all the amazing aspects to lake home living, like this interesting factoid: Back at the turn of the century, Lake Quinsigamond was the Cape Cod of Worcester. So how about that! This was and IS a truly special place. Just another great reason to call me for a quick convo about the house, and at no obligation to you— because remember: I am NOT a real estate agent… make an appointment to drop by and see it for yourself. Or start with our maps & videos page and THEN call me, Marguerite: (508) 769-3866.

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