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For some Shrewsbury Ma waterfront property homeowners, living by the water means 24/7 access to sun, sand and surfing. For others, waterfront living equals a quiet place to connect with nature. Whatever lifestyle you’re looking for, there’s a Shrewsbury Ma waterfront property to suit your needs. Lake Quinsigamond has the ideal back drop for that perfect waterfront living dream home. Lake Quinsigamond (also known as Long Pond) is a body of water situated between the city of Worcester, Mass and the town of Shrewsbury, Mass in Worcester County, Massachusetts, USA. It is 4 miles (6 km) long, between 50 and 85 feet (15 and 26 m) deep, and has a surface area of approximately 772 acres (3.1 km²). Lake Quinsigamond hosts 8 islands with the majority owned by private citizens. Living on the lake in Shrewsbury, Mass comes with other perks as well. Being surrounded by water makes summers seem a bit cooler, and lake activities like paddle boarding, jet skiing, swimming, kayaking and boating allow the family to bond with their neighbors. What you would spend money on to go away someplace and enjoy, you can walk out the door and down to the lake like we have here and we’re there!

If you’re an artist, this Shrewsbury Ma waterfront property on the lake provides a source of inspiration for pieces dealing with nature. As I was looking out my window this morning I was enjoying a blue heron flying by, several Canadian geese floating in the water and four or five mallard ducks paddling around on the lake, and that was just walking into the bedroom to make the bed! This Shrewsbury Ma waterfront property offers the best of both worlds … gorgeous vistas and water views — in beautiful communities — where neighbors are friends, and peace and tranquility reign supreme … combined with easy access to swimming, fishing, boating, and other fun activities you can dive into right from your waterfront property shore or dock. Yet best of all, a beautiful waterfront property home in Shrewsbury, Mass on Lake Quinsigamond can be yours for less than HALF of what you’d invest to own a house on the ocean.

Living in a lake house feels like being on vacation every day of the year. If you’re not already enjoying waterfront living, our Shrewsbury Ma waterfront property can help you get the most out of your dream to own a lake home! If you don’t own a lake home yet but dream someday of living on a lake, Lakelifehomesales.com can help make your dream become a reality!

See you on the lake!

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