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How about that! Who knew? Who knew Shrewsbury, Ma is ranked #8 Top Ten Safest Cities in Ma? Add to that all of the amazing amenities the city has to offer, and you have what could be the perfect place to live. You read that right: P-E-R-F-E-C-T. Yeah… it’s a stretch to say that, but when you add the “missing element” of “lake front home”, that pretty much seals the deal. Yes, there are lots of great cities in good ole’ Massachusetts, and a fair amount of lakes on which to plop a lake front home, but once you select Shrewsbury as the city, you jump exponentially in quality of life thanks to things like:

And these are just the first few things that come to mind. The complete and total appreciation of lake life living in this area. These amenities draw the type of folks who appreciate the “down-to-earth” living and the exact type of people who both appreciate and contribute to the “safe city” mentality of Shrewsbury, Ma living.


This amazing property, this Lake Home FOR SALE! That’s right… so not only are you reading about the absolutely cool nature of a city that seems to be topping all sorts of lists, add living on the lake to this already amazing community profile, and there you have it: PERFECTION of living. And just what do you think the family will think of your acquisition of such an amazing retreat? You would be the hero of the family. For sure. And if you need a little more nudging, there are plenty more info and details here.

So collect your dreams, put them into perspective, consider the location and the myriad benefits, then call ME, the OWNER (not some realtor!) about this amazing lakefront property in Shrewsbury, MA that is for sale. I love to talk about my lake home for sale! I’m Marguerite: (508) 769-3866.

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