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If you’ve got a soft spot for sentimentality, or let’s just say it: you’re a sucker for a thing of beauty. That’s OK. In fact, it will really come in handy when you consider that this unique property truly falls into the Homes For Sale Lake Quinsigamond category that folks appreciate only after they take a little deeper look/see. The thing is this: have you seen some of the newer, “modern” homes today? They look cold. Sometimes so much room that you can’t really get “cozy”. And there’s no hand-crafted feel. No “love” gone into the construction. In essence, no heart. Nope. The newer homes are not for me. I’m a softie. I want sentiment. Of all the types of Homes For Sale Lake Quinsigamond has available, there are those that have a timeless appeal. A “genuine-ness” to them, and THAT is what this unique property has in abundance.

Even if the home were on some nameless lake in the middle of nowhere it would have character. But, when you realize the location and all that the Lake Quinsigamond lifestyle has to offer, it takes it to a whole new level of practicality. People, think “lake home” and that they have to have a 4-wheel drive vehicle and drive for hours to get there. Not this place. Not Lake Quinsigamond in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. Less than an hour drive from Boston and you’ve turned back time to an era when everything happened at a slower pace. No rush-rush. You’ve dialed down the stress. You’ve amped UP your lifestyle to lake home life living. Dig that.

And Shrewsbury is no slouch of a city either! It landed on one of those Best Places To Live Lists at #15. Respectable. And what rustic New England lake town would be complete without the quaint little ice cream shop. Great schools. Add to that the Shrewsbury Park and Recreation Facilities which are top tier, and you really do “have it all”. Could be the perfect Homes For Sale Lake Quinsigamond solution that most people only dream of. And one more cool thing about this particular property, you can call me, the owner of the property and NOT have to deal with a pesky realtor! Ask me anything at all about this property. I love to talk about it! I’m Marguerite: (508) 769-3866.

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