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Millions of Americans dream of one day owning a Lake home for sale on Lake Quinsigamond in Shrewsbury, Ma. and for good reason: The views are often to die for, the array of activities is seemingly endless and the peace of mind gained by knowing you’ll never have a neighbor on at least one side of your home is priceless. But the very things that make lake home living so appealing can also make it incredibly exciting.

Nationwide, the typical oceanfront or lakefront single-family home is worth more than double the median value of all homes, and in some communities the median Lake home could be worth more than 10 times the median value of non-waterfront houses, according to a new analysis by Zillow. The median single-family home in the U.S. is worth about $171,600, while the median waterfront house is valued at $370,900, a waterfront premium of 116.1 percent.

Zillow analyzed the 250 largest communities with at least 100 waterfront homes. The analysis only considered oceanfront homes or those on a lake larger than 10 square kilometers. Homes also had to be within 150 feet of the waterline to be considered waterfront. Riverfront and water-view homes were not considered.

All the more reason to buy a lake home for sale on Lake Quinsigamond in Shrewsbury, Ma. Overall, the most expensive waterfront homes are found in communities in coastal California. Laguna Beach tops this list with median waterfront home values of almost $10.1 million. Malibu ($6.3 million) and Hermosa Beach ($4.8 million) round out the top three.

Buy your lake home for sale on Lake Quinsigamond in Shrewsbury, Ma. The allure of water and lakefront living is powerful and undeniable, and millions of homeowners nationwide dream of one day owning a home on the water. But those dreams come at a price, waterfront homes for sale in Shrewsbury Ma are both relatively scarce and highly coveted, and that high demand and limited supply leads to higher home prices. Lake home living is likely to remain one of life’s simple pleasures for many, many years to come. Look forward to seeing you on the water!

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