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Lake Quinsigamond Home Privacy

In a COVID World, Maybe Being "Tucked Away" Isn't So Bad?

One of the best things about a lake house like this is that you're away from everything. But, one of the drawbacks—perceived drawbacks shall we say—is that you're so far away from everything. However, given the new paradigm of social distancing, mask wearing, excessive hand-washing, obsessive cleaning, etc. etc., maybe that's not such a bad thing. Provided of course that you are truly struck by the fact that, well, this invisible COVID-19 "bug" can kill you! So being, shall we say, "tucked away" from everything is getting to be more of a good thing!

Look at it this way: virus world tips the scales. When you tally up the pros and cons of living in a place that is somewhat remote—as compared to living in or near a big city for example—you now have to start moving things from one column to the next because things have changed. Used to be: close to things = good. Now, too close = not good. You see what I mean? Lake Quinsigamond home privacy is starting to sound pretty good here, am I right?

There's a new spin… a new paradigm. So go with the flow. Why fight it? This means a really sweet little tucked-away place on the lake is starting to look better and better. A lake home in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts has the added appeal of privacy. If you happen to be dreaming of a waterfront home, that dream has now become a little more, shall we say, practical?

They're Coming To You

Another thing too: the whole supply chain for pretty much everything is now coming to you! That's right. Everyone so wants your business and they KNOW whoever gets that segment "wins", so they're falling all over themselves—and each other—to get/keep that business. But in the meantime, WE are the winners! People like Amazon and Walmart are ramping up their delivery services. Delivery is becoming the norm rather than the exception. You know what that means for people who are "tucked away"? As in "tucked away" at a cozy lake home? You can STAY tucked and still have all your creature comforts satisfied. What sane person wouldn't opt for this version of COVID awareness via Lake Quinsigamond home privacy? Exactly!

So let's go over this: cozy, quaint lakefront cottage away from everything, on a lake, and everyone brings you whatever you order. Wait a minute… this sounds like you're a king, or a tech giant, or a famous rock star… or a YouTube celebrity! When really, it's just regular old you who saw the merits of a change. Like you saw the future and acted on it now—before everyone else. Like when everyone seemed to be moving to California such that you'd see bumperstickers "Welcome to California, Now Go Home". With this kind of thinking, you would've been there first—way before all of that!

So isolation is looking pretty darn good these days. That is if you can look out your window at the lake while isolating! All the while you're practicing social distancing—and enjoying Lake Quinsigamond home privacy.

So let's "big picture" this one last time: internet brings you digital stuff as you're tucked away; UPS/FEDEX/USPS brings everything else from groceries to gadgets, you smile and thank them from a safe distance. Sounds pretty good. Where do you sign up? Right here!

So now you can stop looking at waterfront homes for sale as "out of the way" and start thinking of it as "nice and private"—the exact type Lake Quinsigamond home privacy you've been looking for. I'm Marguerite, the owner. Call anytime: (508) 769-3866.

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