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Massachusetts Lake Home Comforts

All The Comforts Of A Lake Home

Ok. You’re stuck at home 'cuz of this crazy virus. Given this, wouldn’t "home" have to have all the comforts of, well, HOME–in order to allow for getting the most out of just staying home? Yes. So what then?

Ahhhh… two words: lake home. Or how about these two words: lakefront home. Or these four words: house on a lake. Are you starting to get the picture here?

The special little house we're talking about here is perfectly situated.... on the lake. It's just close enough to everything—civilization that is—but off the beaten path enough where you’re enjoying true privacy. So if you’re going to be stuck somewhere, this quaint cottage on the lake—the waterfront home could be the ideal place... serving up the perfect idyllic lifestyle.

For people like us who are NOT wealthy, but just workers and savers, this property is an actual dream come true. People will THINK you’re wealthy—or at least they’ll say, "they must have money…" which is code for "well off". The truth is, once you’re living the lake home lifestyle, money or not, you WILL be well off!

And finally, if you’re going to be "stuck" somewhere, can there be a better place than in a cozy cottage on a lake? A true lake home on Lake Quinsigamond. It's like you're in some novel that everyone’s reading. You’re living the life that people conjure up in their heads when they think of folks who've "got it made". That’s pretty good, right? You bet it is!

And all you have to do to top out at this lifestyle is to give me, the owner, a call. No pressure! Or contact me via the Internet through my website HERE. I love talking about my place and I’ll answer any questions about the home, the property, the lifestyle, the amenities, and the general area in which this gem of a lakefront cottage is located. As Massachusetts Lake Houses go, this is a pretty sweet one!

Stop dreaming of living in a waterfront home, and start making it a reality! Call now: I'm Marguerite. Call anytime: (508) 769-3866.

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