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Ok. So you need a change. Maybe a move. A move to a new place. Something different. Yes. Different, but fulfilling a long-held, personal concept of perfect. Not necessarily opulent, but “just right”. Maybe your idea of perfection is sitting on Adirondack chair on a lake. Watching the sailboats come and go. A house on a lake where you can crank up the grill as you watch the kids dive off the swim platform into the lake. The lake that’s right there in you back yard. And since you’ve always thought a quaint little town would be perfect for the location of this lake home, wouldn’t a place like, oh… I don’t know … Shrewsbury, Massachusetts might be a place you woud find Massachusetts Lake Houses. Yes. It all sounds like the perfect change. The Exact sort if change you’ve been trying to envision. So are you going to just think about it or actually DO something?

You’re at this page certainly not by accident, so you must be interested in a lake home—and we happen to have a Lake House for sale on Lake Quinsigamond. It’s a real charmer that is not over the top or way out of reach price-wise. And it checks off on every important point that a full-fledged lake home needs to have:

What else is there? We can talk about how your standing in the family will get a serious boost: "Dad said we’re moving to a house in a lake? How great is that!" Who’s the hero now? Start tossing around the phrase Massachusetts Lake Houses in conversation to get the family curious. Smart, eh?

And what about scratching that "itch for a change"? Pretty certain living on a lake… sipping wine as the sun sets as you pull the lobsters and corn off the grill, classifies as a true change—certainly a change for the better. And family gatherings? Pretty certain everyone else will be doing the driving… to your place! Who’s the host with the most now?

Are you going to seriously look into this, or figure … nah… it’s a retirement thing and you’re not there yet. Well guess what? WHO CARES!! You live on a lake. In a lake home that people only dream of, and YOU are making the dream real— now. Not at some far off distant, "someday", but NOW.

Five years from now you are either going to say A) it was the smartest thing you ever do; or B) woulda', could a’ shoulda'… How are you going to play it? Tell ya’ what: call me, Marguerite, the owner and ask me anything. No pressure! I love to talk to people about how a Massachusetts Lake Houses dream can become a reality for you and your family. (508) 769-3866.

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