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Massachusetts Lake Homes for Sale

Have You Ever Been…

Have you been searching for the perfect lakefront cottage that's got charm galore, the perfect "on the lake" address, but not so over-the-top as to break the bank? Then this is your lucky day!

You may be the type of person for whom the very thought of a Massachusetts lake home brings to mind the portrait of an idyllic lifestyle, and why wouldn't it? Seriously, if you're dreaming of waterfront homes for sale in Massachusetts, and you miss this one, it might be called "the one that got away"...unless of course, you take a closer look at this amazing property that makes living on lake Quinsigamond a dream come true and then some. All that and more when you take the next step in the Massachusetts Lake Homes for Sale search by contacting us here for more information.

One of the best things about this property is that it's great as a second vacation home for a family, great as a retirement home for a couple, and just great period! And Shrewsbury is ranked as one of the safest cities in Massachusetts. What makes this such a great find—beyond the actual lakefront location and the quaint cottage feel to the home? Why is this NOT just another Massachusetts Lake Homes for Sale filler page? Well, for starters, there the the State Park right around the corner. Things To Do In Worcester include such fun places as the Wormtown Brewery; Cultural attractions like the Worcester Art Museum and The Hanover Theatre and Conservatory for the Performing Arts; The Ecotarium, New England's leading museum for science and nature, and that's just for starters!

Don't know if you've ever done it, but kayaking is amazing fun, and with the Kayaking on Lake Quinsigamond website to get you started, it is sure to be an activity you will absolutely love. Guaranteed. And with other water activities such as the Lake Quinsigamond Rowing association and The Donahue Rowing Center there is certainly no shortage of water activities. Oh, and did we mention.... swimming on the lake in your backyard?? Yeah... there's that too.


Looking for Massachusetts Lake Homes for Sale can be a time-consuming task, but you know the old saying: There are many Lake Quinsigamond homes for sale, but you don't want to miss this one! And to make things a little easier, when you call me, you're calling the owner and not just an agent. So if you're dreaming of living in a waterfront home, call now: I'm Marguerite. Call anytime: (508) 769-3866.

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